Sherrill Kahn

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“I was a Fine Arts teacher for the Los Angeles City Schools for thirty years, with focus on Drawing Painting, and Design. I have taught for a variety of Quilt Guilds, Fabric, Rubber Stamp, Bead and Crafts stores.

Along with my husband Joel, I have started a rubber stamp company called ‘Impress Me’ and I share our stamps in all of the classes I teach. The stamps are quite versatile and students love using them in class. I have been published in magazines and books relating to fiber arts and rubber stamping.

I love to teach and find that it is the main focus of my professional life. I would love to teach for you and can adapt my class focus to your particular needs.

Please see below for some of Sherrill's favorite PolyShrink art materials.

 Sherrill has a beautiful and inspiring book titled
"Creating with Paint
New ways, New Materials".
(ISBN 1--56477-320-5)

Go to Sherrill's web site,, then to Publications

Please note: The book doesn't include shrink projects. For more on Sherrill's work with PolyShrink, see the May/June 2000 issue of Somerset Studios magazine.


All stamp images are from Impress Me.

Some of the art supplies Sherrill uses in her work:

Dr. Ph. Martin's®:
Spectralite (especially metallic colors), Redi-Tex, Canvas Transparent Acrylics

Prismacolor® colored pencils

Button closures made from polymer clay or Play-Doh®.

Click below to see more necklaces....



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