Doris Arndt

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Doris is the originator of the ingenious shrink plastic book, that can be worn as a necklace or pin.

"I have been a freelance artist for over 25 years and I have been teaching art stamp and book making classes for over 8 years. Some of my work has been seen in Rubberstampmadness, Stamper's Sampler and Somerset Studio. I am also a regular contributor to The Studio. In the March/April 1998 issue of Somerset Studio my article focused on shrink plastic necklace books which I first introduced at the Alternative Artfest in 1997. I was also a contributor to "Making Books and Journals", by Constance Richards, published by Lark Books in 1998. I teach throughout the U.S. and show and teach at selected venues."


Book pages can be individual or folded accordion style. Your best loved quotes can be hand written, printed from a computer or stamped onto the pages. Coils of wire, decorative cord, as well as jump rings can be used for binding.

Doris uses a 3/8" hole punch to make holes in the PolyShrink, and punches the paper with a 1/16" hole punch. A lightweight awl can also be used to punch the paper instead of a punch.


Lady Necklace Book (above):Russet Pearl Ex rubbed into Canvas White PolyShrink. Pale column image stamped in White and Burgundy Colorbox Crafter's ink. Baked. Black Crafter's ink stamped after baking and piece reheated to set the ink. Gold leafing pen applied to edges and inside covers.
Stampers Anonymous



Fleur-De-Lis Book (above): Sanded Translucent PolyShrink, image stamped in several colors of Fabrico ink. Baked. Clear embossing fluid applied, followed by clear Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. Heated to a pebble finish, then gold Pearl Ex rubbed over surface. Several repetitions of embossing fluid, layers of ink, Pearl Ex, and Ultra Thick.

PolyShrink and embossing powder heated through, and inked stamp used to make the full size image impression. After cooling, gold Pearl Ex applied to impressed image, followed by spray sealer.


Book Pin: Gold and copper Pearl Ex rubbed into Canvas White PolyShrink. Text stamp (hard to see in the photo) stamped in Fabrico ink, on front and back covers.Pieces baked. When cool, face image stamped on both covers, and pieces reheated to set the ink. Edges colored with copper metallic marker. Coated with spray sealer.
A Stamp in the Hand
Woman's Face:
Stampers Anonymous


Holiday/Celebrate the Season Pin: Stamps colored with water based markers and stamped onto sanded Canvas White PolyShrink. Design accented wtih extra fine tip metallic marker. Design cut out and baked. Repeated layers of clear embossing powder applied. Excess melted powder chipped from edges.



Sunny World Pin (left): Black Fabrico stamped onto unsanded Clear PolyShrink. Baked. Colored on the back side with Marvy metallic markers. Mounted onto corrugated metal with E-6000.
Stamp: Toybox



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